The restoration definitively makes it possible to correct and treat imperfections due to the conditions and in the middle where the coins remained.

It would be risky to think that it’s simple and immediate to give back quickly the glare of yesteryears of coins, all depends of their pathologies. A procedure of restoration requires professional instruments, but also a great experiment in the matter.

I recommend to all my customers to show humility and good sense, don’t try to clean your coins by yourself. Entrust them to a professional.

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This is how to process before the restoration :

  1. Take a picture of your coin in macro mode HD (observe-reverse) on adapted background.
  2. Transmit me all the caracteristics of the coin (weight, diameter, axis).
  3. Foward to me your file or your pictures via the page (estimate request) and wait my expertise.
  4. So within sight of pictures expertise the coin can be restored, I will send you a e- mail of confirmation for his sending for a second analysis under X50 microscope.
  5. If the second analysis confirm that your coin enter in a fully restoration process, I will send you by e-mail my estimate.
  6. After acceptance of the estimate, the restoration will start and will be completed within the time limits.
  7. Your coin will be send you back following the expedition mode chosed while the acceptance of the estimate.

During the restoration :

  1. Following the asking you can be on a waiting list
  2. The time of restoration varies between a few hours and a few days.
  3. You’ll be informed by e-mail constantly of the good progress of work.
  4. Your coin will receive the best care possible.
  5. Your coin will be send back to you with my restoration repport in bubble letter (Colissimo or Chronopost) protected and warraped in a capsule.

The price of a restoration include :

  1. A complete treatment adapted following the pathology of the coin.
  2. No limits in assigned time.
  3. A numismatic expertise.
  4. A restoration repport.
  5. A capsule protection.


Each coins entrusted to my care will be put safe from all sources being able to destabilize it.
All will be done to ensure the best care.
Each restoration is absolutely confidential and private


All the restoration entrusted and carried out will have to be regulated within a reasonable delay.
The accepted means payment are following : Paypal or Bank wire
The costumer will not have any right of retractation from the moment that the restoration has started.
Every accepted estimate will have to be discharged of the rising agreed.
Return shipping will be done by (Colissimo or Chronopost) for coins having a strong intrinsic value.
The costumer will have only the choice between these two options of shipping.
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